The Gate

GN Headquarters mixed use Tower / Accra, Ghana

Invited Architectural Competition

The Gate - GN Headquarters mixed use Tower / Accra, Ghana
This Invited Competition for the development of the GN Headquarters Tower in Accra, Ghana, addresses a programme for retail shops, offices, hotel, conference and entertainment facilities.

To express the corporate identity of a strong Group, we focused on iconicity. We believe iconicity has to do with the building’s form, with the building’s envelope and also, equally important, with the spatial experience it offers its users on its public domain. We wanted to give the Tower a clear identity, to design a landmark building, and to differentiate it by connecting it to the traditions of Ghana.

We looked at the mass of a typical square tower. We realized that if we carve its sides to create an inverted pyramid, we protect floors from direct sunlight and also we give more area to the upper floors where views are better and thus have more value for money.

Addressing programmatic issues, we double the volume and create a Gate, a spacious internal atrium that penetrates all office floors and connects visually the whole internal organization. Moving through the bridges, one has wonderful views of the city, awareness of others and the experience of height. A system of external vertical glulam wooden poles, interweaved in geometrical patterns originating in traditional Ghanaian art and architecture, create a sun protective system for the facades.

The Gate becomes a powerful icon for Accra.



Partner in Charge: Rena Sakellaridou

Architectural Design: Rena Sakellaridou, Yanna Pavlidou-Apostolakou, Morpho Papanikolaou

Collaborators: N. Apergis, A. Georgiadis, N. Tsompikou, S. Cherouvim. A. Verteouri, G. Papanikolaou, K. Moustakas, G. Liakou, M. Karavasili, M.N. Pantou, Ch. Siaravas, F. Nevrokopli

Students: L. Giannakopoulos, Z. Kokogia

Structural Engineers:  K. Polychronopoulos - PCK

Electromechanical Engineers: D. Kirimlidis - LDK

Energy & Sustainability: D. Kirimlidis - LDK

Traffic Engineers: G. Demagos - DROMOS Consulting

Owner: GN Group Nduom

Project Management: Micheletti & Co Ltd.


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